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Become a Honey Bun

Currently, we are only offering FREE memberships to 30-35 girls who meet our requirements. This offer ends once we reach the quota!

Honey Bunz Requirements:

  • Must currently attend one of the schools listed below

  • Currently in the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th grade

  • Membership authorized by parent or guardian

  • Must participate in 90% of all Honey Bunz activities in 2020

  • We currently host workshops every 4-weeks on Saturday mornings, girls must be present at 90% of the workshops

  • Must participate in the mid-month check-ins with their designated mentor

LAUSD South District

Bethune Middle

Rivera LC

Edison Middle

Fremont HS

Dymally HS

Drew Middle

Jordan HS

Mark ham Middle

Gompers Middle

LAUSD Central District

LA Academy Middle

Angelou HS

Carver Middle

Jefferson HS

Clinton Middle

Adams Middle

Manual Arts HS

LAUSD West District

Muir Middle

Hawkins HS

Mann Middle

Harte Prep Middle

Washington Prep HS

Middle College HS


Mentees who meet our requirements for a full calendar year will be eligible to receive a scholarship for up to $1000.

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